Thursday, April 11, 2013


Driving my son to school I see many busy parents giving a quick kiss goodbye to the children, and leaving in a hurry.
I ask myself: how many of us have to be careful spending on gasoline, or have problems paying for the electricity bill expired last month. 
How many "no" do we have to tell our children, for a new pair of shoes or a movie with friends.
Today even the best companies, often are able to pay salaries only when they receive payment from their customers.
More and more, I get the impression that the Country is split into those who still have financial resources and those who must rely on some kind of help from the government.
I'm talking about my Italian experience but I think the same goes for Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, the rich England and many other Countries too ...
Only a few years ago we “had a dream”, hope for the future, goals to achieve, work to invent and discover.
Ten years ago it seemed that the Internet would open new frontiers to trade and communication with more jobs and prosperity for all. 
We thought that technology would be a friend to mankind but today men are working at the pace set by machines and machines are not adapting to the pace of human labor.
If that's not the nightmare already told by Orwell or Asimov, it is pretty close to it.
Where have we made the mistakes that brought us here?
It reminds me of how Dickens talks about the Industrial Revolution in Britain: OK not quite our reality, but in a bad dream, someone may begin to believe it.
This is not a crisis that will pass, this is an era that is over.

Yet, this is our time and we must get going! 

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