Monday, April 22, 2013

Thelma, Louise and James Dean: nothing has really changed

Whatever you have read or heard, dont believe it!
Reality is that in Italy nothing has changed.
It has been two years since the establishment of the "technical government"; its crisis began 9 months ago; the elections for the new govrnment were held three monts ago to no avail; three days ago we re-elected our old (literally and figuratively)President. In fact he is a 88 year old, that instead of enjoyng a much deserved retirement, has to rescue the Country to avoid its paralisys or worst, its collapse.
Remember the final scene of Thelma and Luise in the car, straight off the cliff? or James Dean in “Rebel Without a cause” racing like mad toward the edge of the hill...well, we are in a similar situation.
Will we manage to jump off before the inevitable plunge into the void?

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