Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Waiting for the blow

On the italian Titanic we are always bracing for something that is going to happen soon: next week, next month, maybe a year. Three years ago (it feels like a century ago!) we were all waiting for the evening news to hear that tomorrow will be the end of the crisis. Soon tomorrow became maybe next year, reality is that now what’s ending isn’t the crisis but our patience and our money. Last summer We began focusing our hopes on the upcoming Elections: the campaign was ruthless and rude and made us exhausted. a month ago we voted yet we are still waiting for the new government to be established while we keep wondering if it will arrive before the warrant for the arrest of Berlusconi. it’s today's news that on April 18th it will begin the process of election of our President. Italian wishfull thinking in this case is that our president will have the powers of Harry Potter and will be able to turn all the bad wooden puppets into obedient good children.I think we are just waiting for the end, for the blow, because maybe italians will be capable to show the best of themselves only close to drowning.
We hope that this time the water is not too cold.
my heart will go on…

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