Thursday, April 4, 2013

They all talk the talk but nobody can walk the walk

Do you want the latest news on “YOUR GIRLFRIEND IN A COMA”? Here they are:
- The governor of Veneto does not want the weather forecast broadcasted in his region, because it’s damaging tourism...
- “Mubarak's niece” is screaming in the street in front of the tribunal: she wants to be heard by the court, she admits she had been lying and now she promises to tell the truth.
- After an investigation it was discovered that Italian oil companies had made an agreement to keep the highest price at the pump: motorists are planning a class action.
Meanwhile, Italians do not buy cars nor houses...I wander why!
-In ten days it will begin voting for the election of the italian President: all against all! London’s bookmakers are opening the bets.

- Here is our political situation in short:
In Italy we have three contenders and each of them holds about a third of the votes-
1- Party “A” is willing to agree with anyone as long as its leader (Berlusconi) is given the presidency. With that he would be automatically pardoned and would avoid jail.
2 - Party “B” does not agree with party A because it says that they are all unpresentable thieves, but it’s open to agreeing with party C (although with some reservations)
3 - party “C” doesn’t agree with anybody because they are all assholes. Party “C” feels so superior that doesn’t talk to reporters because they are all idiots. Its leader, Grillo feels so full of himself that in case of new elections he "wants 100% of the votes."
they all talk the talk but nobody can walk the walk

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