Friday, April 5, 2013

Nobody sings anymore

In the Country of "bel canto" nobody sings anymore
The image of Italy, around the world is of a country with great weatherbeautiful nature, good food, art and music... Italians are described as happy, passionate people that enjoy life.
Well, not quite...
I'm sorry to give you bad news but most of it is no longer true.
After twenty years of fascism, fourty of Christian Democratic Party and twenty of Berlusconi it is hard to talk about happyness. Today the only happy Italians are the public administrators that spend and steal and no one can touch them. Our beautiful climate is still here, though a little affected by global warming, like the rest of the world. The good food in our families is seen mostly on television:  we watch cooking shows while mom puts a bag in the microwave, to save time. Sure, the sea and the sun are gorgeus, but we don't have time or money to enjoy them. we eat spaghetti at home since no one can afford to go to a restaurant. Even the mandolino is out of fashion, instead in southern Italy the music comes from the loud blasting guns of the camorra.
Italy is in a mess...
I'm the only one left who keeps singing in the street. If you hear me... well, come to say hello!

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